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Refrigerant Monitor

SenTech manufactures “Early Warning” single and multipoint INFARED based refrigerant monitors, featuring the ability to offer one monitor programmable for multiple refrigerants in the same location.

SenTech's Infrared monitors are cost effective active air-draw sampling systems designed specifically for refrigerants. SenTech monitors offer one, four, eight and sixteen zone detection point capabilities from a single field programmable self-contained metal enclosure.

Each zone is capable of monitoring and responding to any one of 20 refrigerants from a standard library via keypad entry. The monitors are expandable, offering flexibility to change configuration or applications at a later date. SenTech’s monitors comply with ASHRAE-Std 15.

Product Description

Refrigerant Monitor Family
'Early Warning' Refrigerant Monitors

Value Statement: Designed for Industrial Comfort Air and Refrigeration Applications, SenTech refrigerant monitors are low cost, reliable, and highly accurate "Early Warning" refrigerant loss detection systems that provide facilities management the opportunity to measure, alarm and conserve all blends of refrigerant gas resources and implement timely repairs to prolong the life of expensive hi-pressure chiller, and refrigeration systems.

Customer Group & Applications

OEM, Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional & Telecommunication Properties

Market Drivers: Cost containment and Safety. Under Section 608 of Clean Air Act (CAA), the EPA’s Global Programs Division and ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 15-2001 drive Local City Codes that requires strict monitoring of refrigerants for safety and quantity usage.

  • Refrigeration Applications:
  • Supermarkets
  • Refrigerated Warehousing
  • Industrial Process Cooling
  • Sports Arenas
  • Agriculteral Process & Storage
  • Comfort Air Applications:
  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and Universities
  • Factories
  • Government Facilities
  • Critical Environments:
  • Corporate Data Centers
  • Telecom Switching Facilities
  • Process Control Rooms
  • Industrial Rpbotic Systems
  • Medical Diagnostic Complexes
  • Clean Rooms
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